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Connector Improvement: Apple App Store "Deletions" metric

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    Hi Alex and Sandeep - 

    Thanks for submitting this Feature Request. Are you able to share documentation of where this report is highlighted?

    I see iTunes has a Usage report which we do support, but don't see Deletions as one of the metrics. 



    Our team is also interested to track the deletion metric. Can we please have this metric added to App store connector.



    Fivetran support team, please let us know if this feature can be added to App Store connect. We are specifically looking to get the deletion data from table usage_source_type_device_report.

    Hi Erin,

    Thanks for your message, good to hear from you.

    I'm thinking specifically about the "Deletions" metric listed here :

    It's part of the "Usage" metric types, and I can generate a graph and CSV of deletions using the "Metrics" tab for each app in our account. It certainly appears live; I see deletions on Sep 20 2021, for example.

    Does this help?

    Hi Alex - Thanks for the quick reply! 
    This link is exactly what we needed. Appreciate you sharing it. I'll chat with engineering to see if we can get it added in a future sprint. 



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