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Connector Improvement: Outgoing Webhook or other Event Notification on Completion of Sync


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    Update: This is now live! Read more about implementing webhooks here:


    Hey Jeff! Thanks for reaching out, I've added this to our webhook tracker. Any particular fields you want associated with the payload? Any other events aside from sync complete? I appreciate the detail on how granular you'd like the notifications to be!

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    +1. Would simplify some things for us if we were able to orchestrate some workloads and more complex transformations upon a connector completing. A basic webhook notification with connector name would suffice it for me.

    This, please!

    Notification at the same level as the sync would be useful.
    Normally this would be when all tables have sync'd and so if we query the destination tables we'd get a consistent picture across tables i.e. all changes across all tables up to a specific point in time have finished syncing.
    But we could manually trigger a single table to resync so ability to be notified of that completing would be advantageous.
    Perhaps having the payload include some audit info such as list of tables sync'd, sync time, row counts could be useful.

    This would be such a useful feature.
    Ideally, the payload of the notification would include the information that we currently get in the audit log on sync complete, among with the ID of the connector so that we could use the rest API to query any other information.

    This is a must-have feature. Definitely need a trigger of some sort to kick off a downstream task. Even an email notification would be an upgrade over nothing. Slack integration would be cool!

    I looked for such an option everywhere and eventually landed here. I find it hard to believe that this feature doesn't exist in Fivetran!

    Missing Slack support

    With the new webhook beta, wrote a blog on how to implement slack notifications on failure