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    We have this available in our Hubspot Marketing Schema. ERD

    You can see this data in the FORM and CONTACT_FORM_SUBMISSION tables.

    Drew in the docs that Ivan sent over, there are values for each field in a form. For example:

    "values": [
              "name": "email",
              "value": ""
              "name": "company",
              "value": "Example Co"
              "name": "phone",
              "value": "123 555 4567"

    It would be useful to add a JSON column to the `contact_form_submission` table that included these values.

    Dear Fivetran support, 

    This subject is marked as completed but is not (cf Brandon Thomson's comment). Could you re-open it please ? 
    The contact_form_submission table is limitedly useful without the answers to the forms. 

    Thank you in advance for your response !