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Connector Improvement: Shopify: chargebacks


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  • Official comment

    Hi all,

    Thank you for expressing your interest in adding this data to the Shopify connecter. This has been in our backlog for a while and demand for this data has increased recently. We are busy with other improvements to the Shopify connector in Q1, but will be evaluating feasibility of this request in the coming weeks. Barring implementation blockers, we will put this at the top of the backlog for Q2 (starting May). We will keep you updated here.



  • Ray User

    Hi Trenton,

    Thanks for the request! We haven't any plans to add support for this currently, but I can imagine how it would be useful. We'll add this to our backlog for Shopify. 

    All the best,

    Ray Harris
    Product Manager, Sales & Customer Success Analytics

    My team is also looking to get Chargeback Status from Shopify on an urgent basis:

    Upvote for this as there is currently no way to see that the orders associated with chargebacks are voided so this leads to financial reporting to Wallstreet and our business in general to be off. 

    Internally we're looking at custom connector options since this is not part of the current Shopify Connector. 

    We would use this as well if it was available!

    Fivetran already extracts Shopify data, why not also include the dispute table?