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Connector Improvement: Kustomer Conversation Events


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    Ray User

    Hi George,

    Thanks for the request and for sharing the relevant APIs! That certainly helps. The conversation events API is an interesting one we haven't looked at parsing yet; I wonder if it can be used to collect the raw data from which things like firstDon, lastDone and handleTime are derived. If so, that would be how we'd implement support for these metrics. We'll be sure to explore that!

    In the meantime, we do plan to add support for the resolution and handle times. I think we can probably look into the reassignment times as part of that.

    I'll share here when we have updates!


    Product Manager, Sales & Customer Success Analytics

    Hi Ray,

    Wanted to follow up here on some Kustomer events that are still missing. I know Fivetran has added first_done and last_done to the conversation table (thank you!) but we would still need a couple key metrics like 

    - timestamp of when the conversation was first assigned to an agent & each subsequent time it is re-assigned

    - ticket/conversation handling time

    Do you have an idea on the timeline when these will be added?



  • Ray User

    Hi George,

    We don't have a timeline for those yet, but they are on our list! We may sync the conversation events table, switch the conversation table to a _history table, or some combination of changes. We did add the json for the done times as you noted, but that was meant as a temporary solution until we have a normalized solution. Stay tuned.



    @... is this feature shipped?