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Connector Improvement: Add Session Endpoint to Stripe connector


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  • Official comment

    Hi All - Thanks so much for this request. We have taken up this improvement for the upcoming sprint. We will be adding  `SESSION` and SESSION_LINE_ITEM` tables to the schema and ERD. 

    Stay tuned for more details here.


  • Anna User

    Hi Meera, thanks for this request! I'd love to know more about the use case– what types of analytics problems are you trying to solve with sessions that can't be solved with the current schema?

    This would also be very valuable for our organization. The join we need is Charge -> Payment Intent -> Checkout Session (missing) -> Product

    I'm trying to tie a payment to a product and realized that the checkout session table(s) appear to be fully missing from Fivetran. Without this in the Stripe <> Fivetran connector, it seems to be impossible to tie a payment to a specific product for any one-time payments that come through Stripe's checkout information. In particular the items from this api need to be included in the database. This is really important for our business reporting and there doesn't seem to be any alternative to get this information without the Stripe checkout info.

    This would be incredibly useful for our organization, too. Any updates on this front?

    Sad, that it has been more than a year and not implemented yet

    Hi All - 

    This is complete and has been fully rolled out to all Stripe connectors. 

    You can view the release notes for it here.  Additionally, you can find the new tables in the Stripe ERD as well, which can be found here.