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Other: Support dat file format


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    Hi Robert - `dat` files are just a generic type of data file. They can be anything: text, image, audio, etc.  As a result, Fivetran can't automatically interpret them for you.

    The good news is that `dat` files are often some kind of deliminated text values.  If you open up the file in a text editor you may be able to tell what the deliminator is.  From there, you can use the Advanced Configuration of one of our File connectors. Select "File type" as "csv" and "Deliminator" as whatever character you see separating the values in the file.  The configuration options are all explained here:



    Very helpful, thanks for clarifying. In my support ticket, I was told dat was not a supported file format and was directed to open a request ticket, but this makes more sense and is inline with my expectation.

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