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Connector Improvement: Marketo My.Tokens Sync


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    Hi everyone, 

    Luke from the Product team here. Thank you for replying to this feature request.

    We're actively working on Marketo tokens now. I'll post another update here when we have a planned date for the rollout to General Availability. I'll contact everyone who has replied to this request when we're ready for Beta testing.

    Thanks for your patience,

    I would like to add that in our specific use case, a Snowflake table with a single field having a variant datatype would be acceptable.  We can utilize Snowflake functionality to parse it out ourselves.

    Hey Zach Ebeling, Drew from the Product Team here!

    We are planning to add Tokens to Marketo soon. Most likely it will be part of a Q4 project grouped with other Marketo initiatives.

    Hi guys,

    I put a coin on this request. Any news from the possibility to have the MArketo program tokens through Fivetran?



    This recently became a very relevant use case for one of my stakeholders, I just upvoted the request as well. Please keep us posted about the state of development.