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Connector Improvement: Twilio Programmable Video/Chat/Voice

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  • Official comment

    Hi Aleix Cubel, thanks for your request! I'd like to understand the use case better– what types of questions are you unable to answer at the moment? How would you link the video, chat, and voice data to your current usage of the Twilio data? I'll continue to monitor this ticket for feedback that will help us prioritize this feature.

    Hi there, Anna.

    First of all, thanks for coming back!

    We are using the programmable Video/Chat for business purposes related to e-health consultations, and therefore we have operational metrics we are in interested in (video/chat duration, first and last message sent, among others).

    Since these features are not covered in your connector, but to us represent an important part of our business, we'd like to see it - whenever possible - in your connector, since it would save us a lot of time and effort.

    Thanks again!

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