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New Connector: Firebase Cloud Firestore (NoSQL DB)


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    Hi Dan,

    Apologies for the delayed response here! This is Kevin from the product team.

    We have been tracking demand for Firebase and it is one of the more requested new connectors we hear about. Unfortunately, we do not have a clear committed timeframe for the release of this yet, but it is definitely on the shortlist of new connectors for consideration. Once we have a concrete roadmap plan for building this connector, you will hear from us about it!

    I agree with this one! It would by-pass using expensive subscription based IDEs that only work for firebase!

    Seconded - this would be very useful for my team as well. Manually managing Firebase ETLs is a pain point here too. 

    Hello everyone,

    We are getting closer to starting work on Firebase. There are 2 different types of Firebase which Google currently supports: Cloud Firestore or Firebase Realtime Database.

    Could those of you who commented or upvoted this share what type of Firebase you are using and what version of Firebase you are using?

    We use both. Firestore for pairing with Cloud Functions. Firebase for React Apps.

    We also use both for the reasons Wynne mentioned.

    We use Firestore. This would be an incredibly helpful connector for us. Great to hear you are starting work on this

    We are Interested in having this as a connector as well! we use cloud firestore