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Transformations: Detailed Time Schedule


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  • Official comment
    Anna User

    Hi Hamilton– we are releasing a feature shortly that allows you to add more than one cron schedule to your job in the deployment.yml file. That way you could input the following for every 15 minutes 9a-5p, and every hour from 5p-9a:

    – */15 9-17 * * *
    – 0 0-9 * * *
    – 0 17-23 * * *
    Would this be useful to you?
  • Andrew Morse User

    Hi Hamilton- Thanks for the request. Is this request specific to the timing of transformations? Want to make sure the right PM responds to your request.

    Yes specific to the timing of transformations

    Yes thanks!

    Is this also possible for ingestion jobs?

  • Anna User

    Bram Postma you can run connector syncs at custom times using the REST API. Does that suit your needs? If not, can you elaborate on your use case?

    Hi Anna, how can we schedule a connector at a future time if I want to run it every 2 hrs without using RESTAPI ?

  • Anna User

    @Angad there is a 2 hour frequency selector in both the connector and transformations UI– is that not meeting your needs?