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Other: REST API: get current usage


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    This is an awesome request Guillaume - in the meantime are you able to use the Fivetran Log Connector to monitor usage? It includes credit consumption and MAR usage and can be setup across your entire Fivetran account (including multiple destinations). 

    I like this idea too.

    Hey Steven Moore, could you break down how you'd use this? Maybe what workarounds you're using now and what downstream tools you want to consume this data programmatically? Would love to understand where this comes in handy!

    Sure Jimmy (

    We recently had some offshore consultants make a change that affected every single Salesforce record.  Such a situation would obviously have a downstream efffect on MAR. So the idea is to monitor MAR via a GCP Cloud Function, or even a C# Console Application, using standard REST API code, to check on MAR every 5-10 minutes, then pause the connector, which is an existing api method, if it is above a threshold.

    Fairly easy to code actually if the api method GetMonthlyActiveRows exists (to include current MAR per connector or total, or both).

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