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Connector Improvement: Add PGP feature to SFTP Connector


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    PGP support is now available in our S3 & our SFTP connector we will be bringing it to our other file connectors in the next couple of months.

    Thank you for your patience


    Hi Vishner,

    Thanks for sharing this request. Several customers have requested support for PGP encryption for our file connectors and this request is on our radar. However, we do not have a committed timeframe for delivering this feature.

    I will be sure to take this feedback to the team and discuss with other priorities. Could you share the requirement for PGP today? Are you still using our SFTP connector, or is this preventing your team from using the connector entirely?

    I would also love this feature.  We have csv files that are encrypted and compressed with PGP--would love to be able to get them warehoused and decommission the app we have that warehouses that data.

    Hi Vishner, 

    We currently use Fivetran's SFTP connector but are unable to use Fivetran to connect to all the SFTP endpoints we'd like to due to lack of a PGP encryption option.

    Thanks, Cisco

    Hi Cisco, 

    Yes, hopefully the fivetran team sees our comment and implement this very common standards. I am also waiting for them to implement this request. 

    Thanks for voting up

    another vote for it!

    Providing my input: I would like for Fivetran to support PGP decryption for SFTP connectors. We often work with banks that have PGP encrypted files we must ingest. Not having a way to specify decryption method present a roadblock in utilizing Fivetran SFTP connector.


    When this feature will be available for Azure BLOB Connector?