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Connector Improvement: Xero- Pull reports for "Balance Sheet" and "Profit And Loss"


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    Anna User

    Hi Pranjal, thanks for the request! We don't currently have plans to introduce aggregated reports as part  of the connector schema, but we do have a Fivetran dbt package available for Xero, which should solve some of your needs. You can read more about the package here: The Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss calculations are both provided as part of these models.

    If you'd like Fivetran to execute these transformations for you, you can read about Fivetran's integration with dbt here:


    It would be great if the [Xero API Reports endpoints]( could be integrated with the Fivetran Xero connector.

    I agree, building these reports from the raw data can be painful, and not all the reports are supported by the Xero dbt package.