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New Connector: Azure Cosmos DB Connector request


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    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your request here! We are tracking demand for CosmosDB and have been following a number of customer requests for this database.

    While we don't have a committed timeframe for this connector at the moment, we are building the case and will continue to track requests. This connector is often requested and coming up more and more often, lately.

    would be nice to have an integration into the the CosmosDB change stream

    We are very much interested in connector for Cosmos DB. Is it in pipeline? Thank you. 

    Something that we are also looking for. Any updates on when this be available (even in beta)?

    Having this would help us move completely off a competitor we're currently using over to Fivetran for our ETL. 

    Our team would be very interested in using this feature. We have a tool just dedicated to this ingestion, moving all of it into fivetran would be great. thanks!

    :100: to this idea! This would reduce a lot of work on my team coordinating data transformations. Hope this makes it onto the roadmap!

    Yes, we would be interested in this feature.

    Please available Azure Cosmos DB connector as soon as possible

    We're very interested in this feature.

    Any updates on plans for this?  (Specifically the Cosmos Db "native" nosql connector)

    Hi, there any update for Cosmos Db connector to Databricks pysaprk.

    This would be soooo useful!