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    Sam User

    Hi Magnus, Sam from the Product Team here - thanks for submitting this request! Unfortunately, we don't have this planned at this time. I would like to learn though, what additional insights are you looking to obtain that are not already present in the Vitally UI? In the meantime, we will continue to collect customer demand to justify the commitment to support & maintain a high-quality Fivetran connector. Every upvote on this request increases the case to build it.

    @... picking up this from my colleague. We are from the same company.

    I would love to understand what is the current status of this integration? I see there have been some upvotes since you last reached out.

    Answering your questions: Vitally is being used by 2 domains in our company. It has become an important data source and data generation for our customer data generated by CX (soon by the second domain as well). We are in need to export this data.

    The data what we mean are:

    * Emails, notes, tasks, interactions with the customer

    * Properties / traits / columns generated by an input of a CSM

    Adding to the comments here. Vitally is growing very quickly with a number of teams now adopting them.

    Would be great to see you support them

    Would be great if you can build a connector with Vitally. Any updates on this?

    This would be very useful. Vitally has a native Snowflake integration but it's one-way; the wrong way.