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    Fraser User

    This connector is generally available:

  • Sam User

    Hi again Pankaj, Sam from the Product Team here - thanks for being so engaged and submitting yet another request! Unfortunately, we also do not have this planned at the moment. However, this is something I would like to look into a little deeper. Every upvote increases the chance we build a connector, so please keep the connector requests coming! 

    Reddit Ads is one of the Ads platform used by our company and we would like to measure Ads spends and impact of the ads on user acquisition. This will be very useful for our overall analytics function and looking forward to see this data directly coming to target warehouse.   

    Adding our support for this. We'd love to get this data into our warehouse.

    We would love to have a connector for Reddit, it is one of the biggest ad networks

    This would be useful 

    +1 to be useful. FiveTran is most useful in high-volume data scenarios - meaning B2C marketing activities would be key. I'm surprised to see other consumer advertising venues like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, but not Reddit. Feels like a blindspot.

    The boss wants me to move my marketing connectors off of and onto Fivetran — Reddit Ads are the biggest missing link

    Hi everyone,

    Great to see all the interest in Reddit Ads! We have now prioritized this connector for build. Most likely, this will be available at the end of Fivetran's Q2. I'll post more updates here as we get closer to a private preview release.

    Adding our support for this. We'd love to get this data into our warehouse.

    We would also like to use this connector to get reddit ads data into our system.

    Would love to see this one, a really cool ad platform to use and one that would help us lots :) 

    We'd love to have this connector! Can you share if this is still planned for Q2?

    Yes, this connector is still planned for release to private preview at the end of Q2.

    Hello, Drew at Fivetran. How can we express interest in the private preview? 

    Hi Mansi Parikh, if you upvote this request you're put on the list already!

    Are you gonna update here when the private preview opens? thanks

    Hi Tom Klein, you should have received an invite for Private Preview. Marking as Completed since we have finished development.

    Hi Everyone,

    The Reddit Ads connector is now in private preview. If you would like to be added, please respond to our Monthly Product Email and we'll get you set up.