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    Anna User

    Hey Joshua! Thanks for submitting this request. Can you tell me more about the use case for this data? What analytical questions are you unable to solve at the moment? I will continue to monitor this ticket as we consider this feature for prioritization.

    There are developments regarding this feature? For us the use case is pretty simple: we need to have access to a snapshot of the data for a specific day.

    Hi @..., our use case involves being able to see all changes to a particular object going back through time. It appears that these audit tables would allow us to rebuild the changes made to a table. That would allow us to see the state of the table as of a particular point in time. We're separately using some other techniques (such as dbt snapshots) to track changes to source objects, but you don't get all the changes, such as those that happen between Fivetran updates or runs of dbt snapshots.

    Hey Team! Another use case to add here: We use this for quality control to oversee our teams. It helps us understand why errors may have occurred and help to make sure new hires aren't making mistakes. Would be very helpful if we could add this to the tables that port over!