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Connector Improvement: Snapchat Ads: make creative data optional

Not planned

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    Hi Guillaume, Drew from the Product Team here!

    Snapchat has two types of roles: Organization Roles and Ad Account Roles. Please see Snapchat's documentation on this here: 

    Member is an organization role which is acceptable for Fivetran. We request the Admin Ad Account role because it provides access to all of the Snap data. Creative Manager is a smaller role under Ad Account Roles which, as you said, enables access to creative data. To pull data related to the other tables, Fivetran would still require other roles from the Ad Account Roles section.

    Hi Drew,

    Would it be possible to make optional the tables which require higher permission, e.g. creative data?

    My clients want to pull campaign history and campaign report, and nothing else, so they shouldn't need to authorize with an admin account. This kind of issue weighs on the user experience we offer.


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