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Connector Improvement: Multi-document transaction support in MongoDB


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    Hi John!

    Multi-document transaction support is on our roadmap plan for Q2. We will begin rolling this out towards the end of Q2 once it is implemented and will likely continue roll out throughout Q3. If you are interested in testing this feature, we can sign you up for the alpha once it is ready!

    Has there been any progress on releasing this?  

    Hi David and John,

    Unfortunately, we are slightly behind schedule with delivering this project, but the development for it is well underway! I realize these quarterly timeframes are not too helpful as companies' quarters can differ.

    We are aiming to have an alpha ready within 1 month from now. I will be sure to keep track of this request and will coordinate with your Customer Success Managers to reach out once the alpha is available!

    Hello, Has there been any progress on this? My team used to use five-tran last year, but it no longer met our needs when we ran into issues with multi-document transactions. We would love to go back to five-tran if this feature has been added.

    Kevin Kim Is there any way that we can sign up for alpha to gain access to this feature? This is a big pain point for us right now


    Is it possible to get an update on the progress of this development?



    Bumping.  This is a significant obstacle for us as well.

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