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Connector Improvement: Add Clone Connector Functionality


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  • Andrew Morse User

    Hi Vadim- Thanks for the feature request! Can you share more information about what type of connector(s) you find yourself copying and why? We've heard similar feedback around copying connectors between two destinations (usually a test vs production destination) and are trying to collect all the various use-cases where users are creating "duplicate or nearly duplicate" connectors.

    Hi Andrew,
    In our case we have four Azure SQL server Connectors, where server name is the only difference. We consolidate the data from a variety of OLTP databases into Snowflake Data Warehouse.

    In this case I am talking about cloning the connectors for the same destination. 


    We need this for cloning a template connector across different tenants (powered by fivetran)

    We need this* too as a function in the USER Interface.

    * This function to clone/duplicate/copy an existing connector with settings, including the source connector's API credentials. We arrive in the cloned connector edit mode and before hitting 'Save clone', we enter the mandatory (new) schema name for the destination.


    An additional: The ability to select the FiveTran destination to store the cloned connector.

    We currently need this functionality as well. Azure has ARM templates which is the same principle as this request.

    Such a feature would also benefit my team, as we have several custom reports for many of the data sources we use. Like others, we have multiple environments so it would be helpful to be able to replicate connector configurations across destinations. More importantly, we need to replicate them within an environment—we use Powered by Fivetran for user credentials and therefore need to have one connector per authorized account, but all of the connectors have the same configuration and custom reporting. Being able to clone and edit an existing connector both within and across destinations would eliminate a lot of manual work involved in recreating and making minor tweaks to connectors, particularly during the exploration/scoping phase of integrating a new data source via Fivetran.

    This functionality will also be useful for my team. We sync files from S3 and SFTP sources and load in BQ. Many a times the difference in connector is only the folder name in which case ability to clone an existing connector which has all the other settings already configured would be super helpful and time saving. 

    This would be very beneficial for anyone who doesn't want to develop and test in a production environment! If you build up a connector in a sandbox schema, and prove that it works with the files, you (currently) then have to start again from scratch in prod. What you deploy to prod is *not* what you tested in sandbox, which means there's a risk of something being configured differently and going wrong.

    Being able to clone a connector and change e.g. the destination schema / table name would mean that all other settings would be retained and you could be confident that your production code will work.

    Any progress on this? It is essential to my organization for setting up different DataOps environments. 

    Would love to see some progress on this front