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    Is this being prioritised anytime soon ?

    We use Algolia as our search engine and would be super valuable to get insights around the recommendations from algolia


    +1, would love to merge the search data with customer data for our primary analytics 

    This would be great for us too

    This would be very useful for us too. 

    We'd like to be able to use this data source with FiveTran as well.

    This would allow us to pull search insights from Algolia and join them with GA data already in our BigQuery warehouse. This would allow us to build a single insight dashboard about our customers and what they seek.

    This would be great for our team as well.

    +1 on this. Any chance it could be made as a Lite Connector?

    I would like to have this too. I don't understand the question in the official comment: having raw data about search activity can open up a lot of different use cases. As someone pointed out, joining with Google Analytics BigQuery export, but in general being able to join it with the resto of the data in the DWH.

    Hi all, we are actively planning and working on this as a Lite connector through our By-Request program. Should we need additional assistance, we may reach out to upvoters and commenters. 

    Thank you!