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Connector Improvement: Bing Ads connector - ability to select desired metrics instead of pulling all data


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    Hi Klaudia, Drew from the Product Team here!

    As you said, we currently support pre-built reports for Microsoft Advertising only. Could you expand on which combinations of metrics and dimensions would be most useful to you and how our current offerings are now satisfying your use case?

    Have been asked to add our requirements to this post:

    "Looking back at this connector - it previously had used over 90% of our MAR (we let it run without realising!)

    The volume of data thats useable in the connector vs what is counted as a MAR is an issue.

    What we (and I imagine many want to use this for) We pull performance from the `_daily_performance_reports` for different granularities (keyword,ad_group and campaign) We then want to run queries against these reports. These are a few rows each - but we're not talking massive amounts.

    However these reports only include the id's of keywords,adgroups and campaigns (`account_id`,'campaign_id' etc) - To get the clean names for these - you have to use the `_history` reports and this is where the MAR racks up to infinity - these tables are stupidly huge for their use.

    There has to be a better/smarter way of getting the clean names from these id's without racking up millions/billions of rows."

    I can't agree more - the Microsoft Ads connector is a big swing and a miss in its current form.  Being able to create a custom report like in Google would be hugely beneficial, or at least getting the account name, campaign name, ad group name, keyword, etc in primary performance daily report for each.  Additionally, the performance daily reports need to include "Goal Name" and impression share metrics to make the reports truly useful.