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    Hi Guillaume, Drew from the Product Team here!

    Thanks for requesting this. We are closely monitoring the status of these APIs and will be exploring ways to support them. Currently, they are in early release so we won't be implementing anything in production based on them due to potential breaking changes.

    Eventually, they new GA4 properties will most likely be available as a configuration option in the existing Google Analytics connector.

    Hi Drew, 

    Do you have an updated position on this?

    Fivetran is part of our reporting pipeline so we are having to make a poor decision when creating our new product to either support the aging analytics 3, both 3 and 4, or 4 with no reporting in the short term. Non of these are ideal.




    Providing an update on this! We will be working on a GA4 version of the Google Analytics connecting in our upcoming quarter.

    I will update here as we make progress, but wanted to drop some news here in the meantime.

    Do we know when GA4 connector will be in GA? We're in need of this connector for our data currently housed in Firebase.



    We're in need of the GA4 connector, please let us when it will be available



    +1 on this, all of our analytics is on GA4 so this is a necessary feature for us! 

    This is an important feature for us and we’d be happy to join any beta

    Hi Dean,

    Do you have an ETA on this connector?


    When is this planned? Thanks!

    Any update on this for the new year?

    Hi Fivetran team, any update on the ETA for availability of the GA4 connector? This is a critical source for us and I bet for others as well. Thanks!

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