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Azure Blob Storage / ADLS Gen2 as a Target

Not planned

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    Hi Tanya. Thank you for submitting this request. We are planning support for Azure Data lakes focusing on ADLS in 2021. The exact date is still TBD. We will share more information as we progress with adding support!

    I'd love to understand more about your use case for Azure Data Lakes. Is the request to support ADLS Gen 2 or Azure Blob storage? 

    Thank you,

    Hi All,

    Do you have an exact date for support Azure Data.

    It will give to us to be a Data-Driven company 

    we need it too!!!1

    Definitely agree that Azure Blob Storage as a destination would be great, especially in conjunction with the Email Connector!

    2021 was 2 years ago. Is this feature still in development?

    If you're already writing to Synapse, writing to blob directly shouldn't be a huge dev undertaking.

    This feature is literally what's keeping us from using Fivetran.