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New Connector: Snowflake


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    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your question here! We hear many customers ask for a Snowflake connector and it is certainly on our radar. I don't have a timeframe yet for when this would be delivered, but please stay tuned to our product updates and we will be sure to note you down for when this becomes available in private preview.

    So I can share more context with our engineering team, do you have information on your use case for a Snowflake connector? What type of data is in your Snowflake instance today, and where would you like to replicate it to? What use case would this be supporting?

    for what you're describing it seems like a plain transformation would be enough, unless you want the destination to be different than snowflake?

    We use Snowflake as a data warehouse, and there is a desire to copy data from the data warehouse into production tools like Postgres or Salesforce. It would be convenient to use Fivetran for this instead of finding another Reverse ETL or export tool.

    In general, I think every destination should also be a connector so you can pipeline your data, but my company specifically uses Snowflake.

    Please provide the snowflake data source connecter feature in the fivetran 

    We are also looking for the way to disseminate the data from Snowflake to destinations such as SQL server.

    Snowflake Connector would be highly desirable

    We ingest data from Postgres to Snowflake, transform it in clever ways, and want to send it back to our back end (Postgres) to improve our operations. We would like to use Fivetran for this purpose, but cannot because it's not available as a data source (connector). Please enable this! 

    Had totally forgotten about this since we just moved on and used another tool for this purpose.  We pass data into snowflake via a number of apps.  Then we want to get data that has been combined and aggregated in Snowflake and push it to other apps for them to display.  For example, we have data from our internal systems that we would like to push out into Salesforce after its been aggregated and combined in Snowflake. 

    Hi Alex, 

    I am excited to announce that our Snowflake connector is now in Beta! The Fivetran Snowflake connector allows you to sync tables and views from one Snowflake database to your destination.

    Customers can use this connector to land data in any of the Fivetran supported destinations.

    Feel free to take a look at our documentation here: