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New Connector: Git Lab


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    Hi Everyone,


    We are happy to inform you that the Gitlab connector is now available on the Fivetran Platform.

    More information here:


    Thank You,


    Would like to upvote this request for GitLab, but also to work with the self hosted version of GitLab.

    I have had someone evaluating JIRA connector reach out to me for GitLab as well. Considering we have a Github connector and do not have a GitLab one yet, this would be a great addition. 
    In addition, Airbyte already has one and Hevodata supports it too.

    Same here. We are considering using Airbytes for this since Fivetran doesn't support it (we are already using Fivetran for other integrations).

    Is there an ETA for supporting this?

    We'd be particularly interested in the CI/CD metrics to measure how our individual jobs evolve over time


    Bumping this up as we'd like to be able to report on our review times and eng performances

    Bumping this as we're also looking for Gitlab source connector

    Bumping this as we are also keen for it..

    Same as ourselves!


    Fivetran product team hasn't made an official comment here, but this appears to now be in private preview.