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Connector Improvement: Intercom API version update


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    Ray User

    Hi all, we now support this as of February!

  • Ray User

    Hi Henri,

    Thanks for writing in! We currently support API version 2.0 as of July 2020. I'd love to learn more about the custom data attributes you'd like to pull into your warehouse via the Intercom connector & the value they would help you uncover/create.

    Please do share, and any others reading this thread as well :)


    Ray Harris

    Product Manager, Sales & Customer Success Analytics

    Just writing in to say I'd love to get data events out of Intercom via Fivetran:


    As of v2.3 Conversation model has custom_attributes field 

    It can be used to assign key-value pairs to conversations. For example, we would assign order_id to the conversations so that we can track which orders generate tickets.

    "custom_attributes Object An object containing the different custom attributes associated to the conversation as key-value pairs."

    We would like to use Fivetran to fetch that data for external reporting, but currently the connector won't give us that data.


    From Nov 2020, Intercom API v2.3 started supporting conversation custom attributes, and I would like Fivetran to migrate the connector with v2.3 to be able to pull custom attributes for conversation.

    Hey, it's been like a year and a half and you guys still haven't added this field?  It's the only thing that actually would make any of this Intercom data useful to us since it has IDs that link the convo back to orders, etc. in our system. There's nothing special about it, just a string JSON field you need to add to your model. That DEFINITELY shouldn't take over a year and a half.

    The contents look like:

    {'Network': 'Direct', 'Shipment question topic': 'Add cargo', 'Shipment or Route #': 'MS1548357'}

    Hi Ray, that's great, thanks!