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Callback or Status of Historical Sync


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    Hi Ethan Lyon, I've added your request to our feature request for a webhook solution to enable orchestration for our PBF users. I'm curious, what are you trying to automate after the historical sync is complete? 

    We will be working on this solution in 2021 but exact timing is TBD. I'll make sure we reach out to learn more about your use case and share solutions as a part of the development process.

    Hey Alexa - Thank you for putting in a feature request for a webhook! We are sending notifications to non-FiveTran users when the historical sync has occurred. Is there a way to do that without a webhook?

    Hi, we are very interested in a Webhook feature, e.g. on connector sync completion. What is the current status of this feature?


    Hi Guillaume thanks for the request - we have LOTS of requests for this feature but no timeline yet. Will keep this ticket updated as that progresses.

    Alexa Maturana-Lowe +1 for the webhook for historical sync completion as part of PBF. We'd be using this to provide notifications to our end users. Our current solution is polling the connector API.

    Hey David, thanks for reaching out, I've added your request to our tracker. Any other webhook events you're looking for? What fields would you want associated with the webhook payload?

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