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File Sync: Support XLSX files.


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    Hi Ken,

    Just a quick update on the current status of our support for Excel. We have been working to develop our support and have now released support for Excel files for all our of Magic Folder Connectors.
    Read more in our docs:

    We will continue to invest in our file product and love hearing feedback from our customers.

    Hi Ken,

    Thank you for your feedback! Excel file support is a very common feature request for our file connectors, and is something many of our other customers have asked for.

    While we don't currently have planned, this is certainly something on our radar, and we will determine priority for it amongst other projects in our planning process. When we build this feature, you will be sure to hear from us in a product update!

    Excel, JSON, XML, Avro, Parquet support is key 

    Yes, this is urgently needed as so many business users work with plain Excel files, it would be really handy for them.

    Yup, should support basic flat files like xls, xlsx, txt and csv

    Basic XLS and XLSX support for simple ranges is essential, e.g. read MyTab!B2:E45.

    More advanced features would be parsing column names, tables, named ranges.

    Even starting with, say, a dump of an XLS/XLSX to CSV, and using the existing CSV connector - and putting the onus on users to ensure the data are well-managed within the Excel document - would be a start.

    Upvoting this request. I am getting many requests from the business for Excel file types via file syncs, SFTP/S3/Azure BLOB etc.

    Would love to have this option added for SFTP and S3.