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New connector: Docusign

Not planned

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    Sam User

    Hi Ryan, Sam from the Product team here- Thanks for submitting this request! We don't have Docusign planned at this time. However, this is something that our Product team is seriously considering for Q2. We will continue to collect customer demand to justify the commitment to support & maintain a high-quality Fivetran connector. Every upvote on this request increases the case to build it.

    Hi!  Just want to note that we would like this as well!

    Our company (Fivetran Standard users) would also like a Docusign connector please! I believe we would want the eSignatures REST API as highest priority, and then and Click API as #2 priority from Docusign:

    We need a Docusign connector as well. I see the last FT response here was a year ago. Has this been added to the roadmap yet, and if so, what's the ETA on having a Docusign Connector available in Fivetran?