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Connector Improvement: Facebook Ad Account // Add Custom Conversions table


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  • Official comment

    Hi Pierre, Drew from the Product Team here.

    We are looking into how to address this problem. I'll update here with any progress.

    Agreed - this would be really helpful for tracking the success of our campaigns too.

    Any update? Official answer was that you are looking into the problem 2 years ago. 

    Problem solved, expose data from this endpoint:

    @Matthew Clemente & @Paul Madani

    Did you figured out in the end? Or does anyone know whether performance data of custom conversions are available in Fivetran? I see that there is a a "custom_conversion_history" table but I have no idea where to find the corresponding performance data (e.g. for ad_id = "ABC", there were X amount of custom conversions on 1st of March 2023).

    @Giang Nguyen

    Never figured it out. As far as I know the data still isn't available.