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New connector: Chargebee

Not planned

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    Sam User

    Hi Alex, Sam from the Product team here! We have had internal conversations about building a Chargebee connector. It is not currently prioritized for Q1 but we will definitely be giving it a serious look in Q2. Thanks for your request! 

    Any news on this topic?

    +1 from us as well. Any update since last time? Thanks

    @... Is there an update on the request for the Chargebee connector?

    Would love to a Chargebee connector as well


    I've just stumbled upon that doc page: but after asking for access to this new connector the support told me it's not ready yet.

    Do you have an approximate ETA for when a Chargebee connector could be available? (even in beta/private preview!)

    Regarding our usecase, we'd like to retrieve at least simple Chargebee objects: customers, subscriptions, invoices, and coupon as a first step.


    Hi Marc,

    We are actively working on a Chargebee connector however it is not ready for release yet. We will be announcing it through the normal channels when it is ready.

    Best regards


    We're also looking to switch our usage from another platform specifically for Chargebee. I would happily bring that usage over to Fivetran, but this project seems to be delayed. 

    What is the projected completion timeline for Chargebee connectors?

    Specifically interested in data from the Chargebee Retention platform

    Hi Alex, I am happy to announce that we have recently launched a Chargebee Product Catalog 1.0 and Chargebee Product Catalog 2.0 Lite connector. 

    When you have time feel free to get set up and start syncing your data!

    does it have support for chargebee custom_fields and meta_data?

    I am glad there is now a Chargebee connector. However I notice that it doesn't bring in custom fields.

    Is there some way to accomplish this, or is this feature not available yet? We have custom fields that are critical and need to be loaded alongside the rest of our dataset.

    Hey Scott, we are currently working on a new build for Chargebee which will include custom fields! We are expected to release this in the next ~2 months.