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Shopify connector: Add missing fields of Fulfillment object


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  • Milan

    I've been told writing down our use case for this helps with prioritization so here's why we need that field:

    We have an SLA with our shipping providers and as well promise we try to keep to our customers that their orders will be delivered within N business days. Due to the volume of packages we ship, we can't check every single delivery every day.

    We use the `shipment_status` value to check what's the current status of the package - together with the fulfillment date, we can calculate how long it's been in transit for, if there's an issue with the delivery, if our shipping partners are breaking the SLA, etc. We also use that field to check if a package has been marked as failed, in which case, we can reach out to our customers and let them know and/or try to remedy the failure by ourselves.

    As you can see, the information in the shipment_status is vital for our operations and the customer experience we provide.


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