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Snapchat Ads: add fields Earned Impressions and Total Reach


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  • Official comment

    Hi Ray, Drew from the Product Team here! Thanks for submitting your request.

    This looks like a request for Snapchat organic data, which we do not currently support in our Snapchat Ads connector. Although it's not currently on the roadmap, we will take this information into consideration during our next quarterly connector evaluation.

    Got it, thank you Drew. Is it possible to get such data from Snapchat API?




    Hello team, 

    I am upvoting this feature request as we do need Earned Impressions together with Paid Impressions to get a better perspective of Impression numbers from Snapchat.

    Furthermore, from the Snapchat website, we can see from the description clearly that Total Impressions is the sum of Paid Impressions and Earned Impressions, and therefore having the Earned Impressions is important for us.


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