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Connector Improvement: Stripe -> subscription_item not loading historical data


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    Hi Rodrigo, this is unlikely to happen. We decide where we keep the history at the time we are building the connector, but usually don't add this once the connector is generally available. 

    Hi Rodrigo, I'm interested in learning more about this request. What are some of the use cases you have for this historical data on subscription_item? 

    Hi Anna,

    Our main use case for this data is to build dashboards that track MRR changes in our subscriptions.

    If we had a client on a $500 subscription and the subscription was updated so that the new price is $700, we would like to know that the MRR changed positively $200.

    What happens now is that only the newest active subscription_item appears ($700 one) on our Warehouse and previous subscription_item ($500) is hard deleted instead of soft deleted.

    Thanks Rodrigo! We've received enough requests for this to add the feature to our backlog– I will let you know when it is available.

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