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Connector Improvement: Hubspot Feedback Survey

Not planned

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    Hi all,

    Unfortunately we have been advised by HubSpot that since this API is in beta, it is still in active development and may change without notice. We generally avoid incorporating beta APIs into connectors unless we have high confidence that they are stable. If HubSpot decides to make a change, that can cause breaking changes for our customers and/or disruptive migrations.

    HubSpot has advised us that this API may go into GA later this year, so hopefully we'll be able to come back to this soon. I'd encourage you to reach out to HubSpot and express you interest in the API moving to GA.



    Hi Antonio, Drew from the product team here.

    Thanks for submitting this request, I've placed it in our backlog for evaluation. We don't have a timeline yet, but I'll update here once we start working on it.

    We also need this object for our Hubspot connected data. Would be great if you can prioritise it.

    We are also trying to include NPS and survey results on our dashboards. It would be great to see development here.

    Hi Antonio, Sadie from the Product team here. Just wanted to give you an update that we have this in our roadmap for Q1. Stay tuned here and via our email communications to know when this data is available.



    Any update on this one? We are also keen to use it.

    Hi Team - I am also looking for the feedback data on Hubspot connector. My org has recently decided to use Hubspot for all its NPS surveys. Without this data moving in the dw makes it very complicated to understand the survey and do further analysis.