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Other: Schema change notifications for delivery groups

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    This feature has now been released!

    You are able to subscribe to notifications about new data that is detected for any schema setting. This will turn the notifications on for the connector in question, so that all users subscribed to the connector will receive these notifications. 

    We would like a group of recipients to be notified about the changes instead of one person who is setting up the connector.

    Hi Jaxon, I wanted to let you know this feature is coming very soon! You'll be able to set up notifications for any of the settings that you apply, so you can always be aware of changes, regardless of the setting.  

    Hi Sonal, I'm going to come back to you on this – I think you might be able to do this with the new feature but I want to confirm. 


    Hi Sonal,

    This feature should be released within the next few weeks and I wanted to confirm that there is a way you could set up a group of recipients. You'll need a group email address/list or you can integrate with a tool like Slack and send to a channel with this group it in – you can follow the instructions in this part of our documentation about notifications.

    Once you've set that up, you can subscribe to these notifications for that email address for the connectors that matter to this group. 

    Let me know if you have any further questions! 



    Fivetran Product Manager 

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