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Connector Improvement: salesforce_formula_utils Support for excluding formulas with Option 1


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    Ray User

    Thanks for sharing this request. Our goal is to translate all formulas successfully and to skip any impossible formulas. To that end, if you or any customers encounter issues, please report them to our support team. We'll work to get them resolved correctly.

    For now, we'll keep this idea to manage inclusion/exclusion of specific formulas in model translations on the backlog and monitor for demand.

    This would be a huge addition now that the `fivetran_formula` table has been deprecated. This has caused issues for us because we can ONLY use option 1 now and we have formula fields that are being translated into huge SQL queries in the `fivetran_formula_model` table. We don't get any errors when we try to run the model, they're just so large that dbt and Databricks can't seem to handle them. We only need to exclude like 5 fields, but my only solution to keep our formula fields as current as possible now is to manually update the model each week by retrieving the SQL translation from `fivetran_formula_model`, deleting the problematic fields, and updating the corresponding dbt model.