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Transformations: Add support for SQL SERVER and AZURE destination

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  • Anna User

    @Janie what type of transformations are you using? SQL Server and Azure SQL are supported with dbt Core Transformations today.

    I wanted to use Fivetran Data Model for Facebook Ads, but it seem it only supports BigQuerySnowflakeRedshiftPostgreSQL, or Databricks as the destination.

  • Anna User

    Ah, thank you for the clarification. I will forward this request to the team that manages the open-source data models.

    Upvoting for this. Using NetSuite connector but dbt Core is not supported for SQL Server destination.

    I need to use QuickBooks data model with Sql Server as destination 

    Hey Janie, Julia, and Mon -- we're glad to hear you are interested in using our data models! We are interested in eventually adding Azure SQL Database as a supported destination for all of our data models and are continuing to collect demand to improve the priority here. Unfortunately I can not provide an exact timeline of when this will be, but I can keep you updated within this ticket when we begin working on it. 

    Additionally, our packages are open source so if you are interested in creating a PR for this change we are more than happy to work with you on the implementation and approval for it. Let me know if contributing to our package interests you and/or you need some guidance here. 

    What is the status of this! I could grow my usage if you add this.

    Hey Doug, as of now we do still not support Azure SQL Server but our team is welcome to work with you to create a PR if you are interested in opening a PR in our open source packages. 

    We use Azure SQL as our destination and would like to use the pre-built Data Models.  

    Would love to have Azure SQL added as a supported destination. We have several of the quickstart models that would be incredibly helpful to have. Are there any updated plans to add this destination?