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Connector Improvement: Chargebee Subscription Discount Data

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    Hey Emily, thanks for reaching out about this! As of right now we do provide a tables called INVOICE_DISCOUNT which can be linked back to the INVOICE and SUBSCRIPTION tables. Do you mind providing me a little more detail on your use case so I can confirm if the data within INVOICE_DISCOUNT will be sufficient? 

    This is specifically to support reporting of MRR at the subscription and item level (not using the invoices).

    For example, let's say the MRR for a customer "should be" $200 for plan A ($100 MRR) + addon B ($100 MRR). But they have a manual discount applied to addon B to get that for $50. The MRR at the subscription level is correctly showing an MRR of $150 for the customer. However in the data, I am not able to see which of the items on the subscription is discounted, plan A or addon B. For our aggregated revenue reporting, we want to know where exactly the $150 MRR is coming from (which plans and addons).

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