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Connector Improvement: Allow Cloud Function Connectors to return a "sync again in x minutes" property in the response

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    Dear Marc,

    Thank you for sharing a great feature enhancement idea. I'm wondering though if rather than a 'sync in x minuets' time it could be easier to use if we think about this as more of a request to handle rate limits better.

    Would a feature to enable you to report information about the rate limit you are encountering and then correctly set hasMore = TRUE be better? - then we can wait for the right time based on the rate limit configuration.

    Best regards

    Hi Alison.

    I had a call with Mead Brodeur today and I asked about any movement on this feature request and he pointed out to me that I hadn't responded to your question (woops!). Here is my very late response.

    I think the "sync in x minutes" is a better way to handle this because it allows flexibility on my side with the same result on the Fivetran side. Some thoughts: 1) Fivetran wouldn't know if it needs to or if it should sync again because it doesn't know how many remaining calls I have left in my rate limit window 2) Sometimes rate limits are for particular endpoints and not the API as a whole 3) I might want to request a sync in 5 minutes, based on some condition that is identified during the execution of the AWS Lambda Function code that is unrelated to a rate limit.

    I would be happy to discuss further and work through uses cases for your suggestion if this feature is something that could get picked up. I'm working on a new custom integration now that I would really like this (which is why I brought it up with Mead now).