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Connector Improvement: Lambda Custom Options

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    Hi Lucas,

    Thank you for letting us know about this need. To help me with prioritization can you share more about the things that you would want to do or that would be enabled by surfacing a different type of configuration option - vs what you get from using the secrets object?

    Best regards


    Hey Alison!


    I'd like to configure anything in my lambda without treating it as a secret.  

    Some real usecases:
    * Configuring the initial date that I'd want to pull data from
    * Configuring how many days before the last update I'd like to pull data from

    And other stuff that aren't secrets, but configurations

    We can manage it with secrets today, but in my understanding there are some things that are bad UX:
    1. I'm not trying to configure secrets, so I should clearly see the value on the input
    2. "secrets" json object always sends strings. Maybe I'd want to send other stuff like numbers or booleans (maybe a json object)

    Thank you Lucas,

    I love the real world examples it will really help figuring out where we can slot this in on our roadmap.

    Best regards