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Connector Improvement: Add Ledger Period and Account to Workday Financial Management


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    Hi Harris - Thanks for submitting this request!

    I want to make sure i'm understanding your request. Is the relationship between `LedgerPeriod` and `Account` something that is not being synced, despite the ERD showing that relationship? What do you mean exactly by "established in Workday Financial Management"? Is this a setting you configure in the Workday UI?



    Note: These fields and their relationships are present on the ERD

    Hey Erin,


    In the case of account/ledger period, the Ref Id appears in the Journal Entry (Line) table but there's no ancillary table that exists to get the details back for either column. The ERD shows the account details living within the table itself, however it's just the Id itself. I would expect FiveTran to either include the Period/Account details within the JL tables themselves or include the table that has the detail that we can join to. I hope that helps!