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Connector Improvement: GitHub Connector Improvement - Allow "base" Tables to be Deselected in Schema

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    Hi Joe - 
    Thanks for submitting this feature request! This definitely seems like a valid feature improvement. Often (not sure entirely for this connector) table level deselection is very complex due to having maintain cursors for each table. 

    I will discuss this more with our engineering team to better understand the technical implications. 
    Seeing as the commit_file is not particularly valuable to you, would you mind sharing what your use case for GitHub analytics data is? This helps me as a Product Manager to better understand what our customers find valuable in a given source.


    Hi Erin - thanks for the response.

    We have two planned documentation-based (mainly) use cases for GitHub data right now. Our first case consists of using labels input on issues (specifically, PRs) for our documentation team's use. They track specific labels to expand our documentation when new features roll out.

    Second, we'd like to use issue body text for documentation expansion and other analyses of phrases and to track trends in issues.

    Hope that's helpful - thanks again.