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Connector Improvement: Connectors should carry forward tags, comments and foreign keys to Snowflake


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    Hi Mohit,

    Thank you for filing this request. This is very valuable feedback. I'd love to understand a bit more about your use case:

    1. Where do you currently populate comments & tags for individual sources?
    2. How is the data used downstream?


    Good news, we are adding foreign key information to the log connector and are planning to add the additional information you requested. We want to ensure we structure the data to be easily consumable downstream. 


    Couldn't agree more! We have comments in Postgres for various columns and tables, and that value is not carried forward into Snowflake (where the whole company collaborates on the data).

    Seems like something that'd be super useful for collaboration and for allowing AI to make more sense of the data in Snowflake.