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Connector Improvement: Enable Sgement selection for Braze connector when syncing User data


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    Hi Emon,

    After analyzing this request, we decided that it is not something we will support.

    The issue is that this would cause referential integrity. The is referenced by foreign keys in many tables in our schema. Filtering the list of users would create orphaned records in those other tables because their FK values would not be found in the user table. This would make our schema unreliable and lead to inaccurate reporting downstream for our customers. 

    Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions. 


    Hi Emon, Drew from the product team here.

    Thanks for the request, I've added it to the backlog for now. I have a couple questions:

    • What type of interaction would you expect in this case?
    • A list of segments which you can select in the schema tab?
    • What are the use cases for excluding certain segments from the landed data?

    Hey Drew,

    A list of segments to select would be good, but at least a place for you to input the target segment ID.

    The goal here is to improve efficiency, as my use case is to get an export of all users daily, which only requires a single segment that includes all users. However, currently, 5T is getting all segments and all the users for each segment, which is a waste of time and resources.

    The number of segments can easily reach hundreds or even more, with time goes by, the export time can increase from mins to hours which will significantly imapct the downstream applications

    I have no problem with not filtering users and if the goal is to export all users, then why not just let the user fill in the ID of the segment containing all the users in the configuration and only export that segment?
    Even with the current setup, creating an All User Segment in Braze is still required to make sure 5T can export all the users, so the only segment 5T needs is that segment rather than all. 
    I guess the final feature request can be a field in the configuration page to let the user input the ID of the segment that contains all the users, and 5T only calls the export API for that segment only.