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Connector Improvement: Netsuite2 - supportcase table needs to sync dailu

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    Hi Mike - 

    Thanks for submitting this request. Our connector looks for not only a PK field(s) but also a field that tells us when it was last modified (date_last_modified for example). If we don't have that field, while we could incrementally insert new records, we would miss updates to existing records. 

    We have learned of specific NetSuite tables (for example SystemNotes) that are "additive" i.e. updates don't occur to them, are insert only. From my understanding, the supportCase table is not one of those. A support case record could be modified after it is created, as such we would miss records if we didn't re-sync the table. If this is not the right understanding of how this table specifically operates I would be interested to learn more in that area. 



    We can add a custom field to the supportcase table called custevent_lastmodifieddate with a timestamp that is updated anytime the row changes. Would it be possible to look for this field and use it in the replication sync ? Netsuite uses standard fieldname pre words such as custevent_ custentity_ and custbody_ for Customer custom fields so this enhancement could be done in a standard way for Netsuite2. Again our goal is to migrate from the Netsuite connector to Netsuite2 connector and this weekly replication issue is blocking us?

    This is the query I see in your sync script to identify tables that can be replicated incrementally =>

      "event" : "sql_query",
      "data" : {
        "query" : "SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM oa_columns WHERE COLUMN_NAME IN ('lastmodifieddate', 'lastmodified', 'linelastmodifieddate')",
        "number" : 2,
        "executionTime" : 64335
      "created" : "2023-06-25T17:45:32.505Z",
      "connector_type" : "netsuite_suiteanalytics",
      "connector_id" : "revealing_herring",
      "connector_name" : "netsuite2prod",
      "sync_id" : "1897619d-bb4b-40cc-af23-1cd46d13762e"

    Would just need to add custevent_lastmodifieddate in the ... WHERE COLUMN IN() list. Let us know if you can add this capability to Netsuite2 connector?