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Transformations: Add all Quickstart Models at Once Regardless of dependencies.

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  • Anna User

    Hi Zach! This is a mismatch between the docs and the actual data lineage graph, which we're exploring how to improve. In the models table in the docs, there are 6 tables listed, which are what we consider "important" tables in the package. In the actual lineage graph for the package, there are only 3 output models, or leaf nodes on the graph: ticket_backlog, ticket_summary, and sla_policies. The other 3 tables are intermediate models, included in the graphs of the output models, which is why they are not listed in the setup form.

    As a user, I'm curious how you would reconcile these two data points. Show all 6 important models in the setup form, even if we only create 3 output models? Or change the docs to only show output models?