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Connector Improvement: Coupa Approval for Invoices/Purchase Orders/Requisitions


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    Hi Jeffrey - 

    There is already a Feature Request for this here. The problem we've faced with this is that there is an API for APPROVALS but not for the Approval Worfklow as a whole. If you know of a way to obtain this information from the API please share any insights you have. 



    Hi Erin,

    Sorry about the late reply but we would like to pursue this further. After checking with Coupa team they suggest the following to obtain the approval workflow details, especially the current assigned approver in the approval chain.

    Could you please review and let me know if you need any further information?




    Firstly, please refer to this article which explains everything on invoice APIs -

    First you would need to do API GET on the invoice header. In this results you will find an approval id in the tag:

    https://<instance url>/api/invoices/ID and then approvalID can be found under <approval> tag with ID
    ex <id type=“integer”>123</id>

    Then, you would need to do another GET call, like this :

    https://<instance url>/api/approvals/ID, here ID is the approval_id, which you got from above <approval> tag.

    From that payload you can find the approver details.

    Thanks for this additional context Jeffrey - definitely appreciated! 

    We don't have a timeline at this time when we can take up this task but I will keep it on our backlog and consider it to be added in future sprints!